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company culture

Asahi Technology based in Haixi, a world-class business enterprise vision.
Asahi Technology Based Economic Zone, followed by the national development plan for the countrys new energy industry to contribute. A world-class scale enterprises not only need first-class, quality and efficiency, but also need a first-class enterprise management and social image, but need first-class market, and international competitiveness. Asahi Technology To control standards world-class enterprise through arduous and unremitting efforts to become governance practices, efficient management, advanced culture, a high degree of market, with world-class technology, talent and brand advanced enterprises.


Asahi Technology is committed to providing a professional supplier of power lithium battery separator set an example, Asahi into science and technology to the development of quality and efficiency more prominent, more emphasis on technical innovation, more prominent green low-carbon, more prominent people-oriented, and strive to provide the best products, technology and service, first-class social responsibility to show the image, so that employees, customers, shareholders, the public are satisfied, and strive to become a highly responsible, highly respected great enterprise.

Science and technology to lead the future - based on the lead, the pursuit of excellence. The innovation throughout the entire process of production and management company, and vigorously promote the concept of innovation, system, mechanism, management, technology, products, services and other aspects, leading the market development, to create the industry benchmark, the achievements of excellence.

Energy to improve the lives - human need science because she can create well-being of mankind. Science need to innovate, because she can promote science burst leap. New materials and new energy development is indispensable to the survival of mankind, new energy and new materials development will bring the infinite possibilities of human civilization.

Build brand integrity - keep re-Connaught, what it preaches. Adhere to the "commitment of each volume separator is", the credit legislation enterprises as a base the development of enterprises, educate and guide each employee to do honest people, honest, do the old facts, according to credit management, standardized operation, for enterprises to establish good brand image.

Professional create value - Asahi Technology and Chinese Academy of Sciences Guangzhou Institute of Chemistry jointly developed a variety of membrane preparation techniques, with more than 10 invention and utility model patents, the production of battery separator products meet stringent requirements, as professionals, so we continue to creating value for customers.
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