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Xu Cheng (Fujian) Technology Co., Ltd.
Xucheng (Fujian) Technology Co., Ltd

Xu Cheng founded in 2011, grew up in the new energy industry development tide.

Xu Cheng has always been to continue to meet customer requirements as the goal, that diaphragm professional supplier responsibility to set an example, all the way to hard work, from business planning stage to technical cooperation, from factories and infrastructure to stabilize production, from product unknown to gradually gain market recognition , after multiple stages of development, the growth of Chinese power lithium battery separator industry emerging.

Xu Chengs vision and mission is to become a world-class, customer preferred supplier of professional power lithium battery separator. Asahi into all aspects by establishing a win-win model, internal use of advanced standardized management system and build a dynamic staff development channel, adequate incentive system. Externally, with clients synchronous design, production planning through effective management, improve product turnover levels. The whole process of continuous improvement, to create a platform for staff development, to provide customers with products and services, but also for Asahi to win opportunities for development.

Asahi is the values of hard work into a culture of innovation, for creating first-class talents of mechanisms and platforms, thereby continuing to create value for customers, to build Everlasting century enterprise, an enterprise can go far, depending on the for the companys own values, which is the cornerstone of enterprise development.

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